Our Company

Transportation Company for executive clients and general customers. Specialized both as a receptive and emitter attention, conferences, conventions, corporate groups, meetings, events, city tours, etc.

Designed especially for customers seeking a higher level of care, quality and assurance with the high level of professionalism that characterizes ABA Transport. With over 10 years of experience to support our quality of work, we have sector knowledge and vast experience in the services provided.

We have established ourselves in the national market with our distinctive and highly reliable service and soon we will be competing in the international market.

We are known for the professionalism of our staff, the care we provide to our customers with the attention to detail to respond to their needs.

Our mission

Exceed the expectations of our customers by offering quality service, based on efficiency and responsibility, set in an environment of security and confidence.

Our vision

Be a reference for passenger transportation assistance, both nationally and internationally.

Our values


We know that our integrity is based on achieving our goals therefore we make this value the axis of all our operations, both to our customers and each and every person who contributes their talents and services to our company. We recognize our strengths and strive to overcome our weaknesses every day.


We believe that through respect for people and for the commitments we make, we can elevate the standing of our company and garner the recognition of the quality of services we provide.


The work is the main priority for those involved in our operations. As a result the only indicator of our efforts is the RESULT.


We recognize the importance of technology in achieving our goals and are committed to its implementation and development to reach the forefront of quality service and timely delivery of the products our customers deserve.


We recognize the responsibility of our operations and emphasize the importance of adhering to systems and procedures that safeguard the integrity of the people we transport.


Dirección: F. Ferreira 1771, Montevideo, Uruguay. 
Tel/fax: +598 2200 5176 
WhatsApp 24h +598 91 222 001